Finally: the BiketourGlobal Super Ultralight Bikepacking Shop is here!

Endlich: der BiketourGlobal Super Ultralight Bikepacking Shop ist da!

Dear all, today the time has finally come and after months of work, hard negotiations with manufacturers and suppliers, as well as detailed planning and development, I proudly present to you the “BiketourGlobal Super Ultralight Bikepacking Shop”.

This shop is a dream that Tobias and I have had for a very long time. And where others offer T-shirts, mugs, bottles, bags or caps, we have gone one step further and put all our bikepacking and cycle touring experience into carefully selected and mostly completely newly developed products. We have been supported by researchers from all over the world, with whom we have been able to develop new technologies, but also create new materials.

Our goal: to help each and every one of you on the road with our products and solutions and to guarantee a maximum experience for maximum money with minimum weight for the ultra endurance race, the round-the-world cycling tour, the gravel tour, the overnighter or the after-work round.

We are launching our shop with six carefully selected and long developed products that I would now like to introduce to you:


Super Lightweight Anti-Dog Stones

(Set, 4 pieces, 28g)

  • Material: Carbon
  • Quantity: 4 stones, different sizes
  • Total weight: 28g
  • Price: 79 Euro for four pieces – 69 Euro introductory price

Who hasn’t experienced it: you’re comfortably rolling through the world, your gravel bike is purring, the gravel is rustling and suddenly there’s barking and growling – dogs! How do you help yourself? That’s right! The Super Lightweight Anti-Dog Stones are the solution for weight-conscious Bikepackers who still want to play it safe.

Weighing only 7g per stone, the Anti-Dog Stones are made of ultra-light carbon. They fit most hand sizes and come in a set of four stones of different sizes.

Visually, the carbon stones resemble real stones, as they are not meant to pollute the environment after use. Once used or thrown, the Anti-Dog Stones do not attract attention on the ground and do not pollute the environment. In this way, we actively give something back to nature instead of just taking.

The Anti-Dog Stones are delivered by direct mail for a one-time fee of 7.95 euros.

We are currently working hard on a matching top tube bag with an optimised stone holder. We are also working on customisable recessed grips for better throwing.


Self-CO2 – the CO2 cartridge for inflation

(Set, 3 pieces, 150g)


  • Material: bio-based plastic
  • Quantity: 3 cartridges
  • Total weight: 150g, 50g per cartridge
  • Price: 129 Euro for three pieces – 99 Euro introductory price

They should not be missing on any ultra race: CO2 cartridges allow the tyre to be filled quickly after a puncture. But until now, the metal cartridge was always left behind as waste. This has now come to an end, because with the Self-CO2 we have developed a cartridge that you can inflate yourself again after use. This is achieved through a special valve, in which we have combined the valve of a self-inflating sleeping mat with that of a bath air mattress.

The valve is made of titanium, the cartridge body of bio-based plastic (sugarcane-based). The operation is as simple as it is ingenious: after emptying, simply take the valve loosely in your mouth on the next climb and blow into it while exhaling. In practice, 15-18 breaths are enough for the cartridge to be refilled and ready for use.

Each cartridge weighs only 50g. We offer three in a package – ideal for gravel tours with like-minded people.


CHA Light-Bar

(Set, 5 pieces, 200g)


  • Contents: Chocolate, natural flavours, biscuits, peas, Snickers leftovers, positive energy, honey, banana, fig, kebab, soft ice cream, peas, lucky clover.
  • Quantity: 5 bars, 6,000 kcal
  • Total weight: 200g, 40g per bar, 1,200 Kcal per bar
  • Price: 69 euros for four – 59 euros introductory price

If you ride a lot, you need a lot of energy. And energy bars play an important role in nutrition on the road. But as nutritious as they are, they are also often heavy. They can quickly add up to 80 to 120g – per bar, mind you.

With Carbohydrate-Air, we have developed a process that compresses the important carbohydrates into air and then presses it into the bar mixture made from selected ingredients. This results in the very tasty Carbohydrate-Air Light-Bar with only 40g weight per bar at 1,200 Kcal. When you bite into the bar, the carbohydrates are released again and combine to form pure energy in your mouth.

For the launch of these very light and very energy-rich light bars, we have the flavours ” Kebab Vegan”, “Banana Vodka” and “Blue Mould French Roll” on offer, each of which you have to discover for yourself. And besides the taste explosion, the carbon hydrate air bubbles pop in and give you the kick for the next climb.



Half-Weight Powerbank

(1 piece, 45,000 mAh, 150/75g)


  • Material: Carbon frame, Ultra-Cell Batteries
  • Quantity: 1 powerbank, 45,000 mAh
  • Total weight: 150g uncharged, 75g charged
  • Price: 210 euros – 189 euros introductory price

Power supply on the road is an important issue for many of us. Often, the navigation device, headlamp, phone, shift battery or camera need to be recharged. And especially during ultra-distance races, there is no time for this, or you simply do not have access to a power socket.

Powerbanks, which provide enough power for a few charges, are a remedy. Unfortunately, these are often very heavy. But with our Half-Weight Powerbank, we have an offer for all those who want a lot of power and little weight.

Our powerbank weighs 150g uncharged. But the clever thing is: when it is charged, it is only half charged, which is why it only weighs 75g. And that’s with full charging power. You can only imagine the development behind it. We worked together with leading scientists from all over the world and also incorporated some extraterrestrial knowledge. That’s why the price is rather symbolic and we want to do something good for you. And the earth.

Of course, the powerbank is compostable after approx. 1 million charging cycles at the end of its life. The remaining charging energy goes into the soil and thus accelerates plant growth.


Zero Resistance Bicycle Cap

(1 piece, unisex, 10g)

  • Material: Aerographite
  • Quantity: 1, unisex size
  • Total weight: 10g
  • Price: 150 Euro – 129 Euro introductory price

Many complaints when cycling – especially over long distances – are not due to the strain of hours of riding through rough terrain or on endless asphalt roads, but to the strain on the head caused of the cap.

Together with a renowned team of medical doctors and material researchers from the aerospace industry, we have developed the Zero Resistance Bicycle Cap. A bicycle cap that actually weighs nothing, because we are the only supplier to have it made from the lightest material in the world: Aerographite.

In addition, holes calculated by AI ensure further weight reduction and ventilation. A must-have for the serious gravel fan.


“Let it Flow” self-inflating Ultralight Tubes with Smart Valve

(1 piece, 25g, 29″/700cc/27,5″/26″)


  • Material: Ultralight BTG rubber compound
  • Quantity: 1 tube including smart valve
  • Total weight: 25g
  • Price: 180 euros – 169 euros introductory price

Tubes are already frowned upon these days and have a similarly bad reputation as the word “gravel bike”. But with our “Let it Flow” Ultralight Tubes, this will change fundamentally, because we are not only launching very light (25g) tubes on the market, but also particularly durable ones. Prototypes of our “LIF” tubes have already been used on the Deep Space 2 probe, which landed on Mars with them and did a gravel lap there. It then returned to Earth.

The special feature, however, is not only the weight and extreme durability, but also the Smart Valve, which Tobias developed while lacing his rear wheel. This valve works similarly to the self-inflating mattresses, only it is made entirely of carbon and titanium and works either by manual operation or – for areas with internet coverage – with a special app.

This makes the “Let it Flow” Ultralight Tube the first tube in the world that inflates itself and the bar can be adjusted manually or via an app. It also automatically adjusts to almost all wheel sizes and widths. Not compatible with lie-flat bikes and vintage racing bikes in Berlin and Hamburg.


What’s next?

Our development department is working at full speed on further innovative products and ideas that will change bikepacking. For example, carbon cable ties, endurance rubbers, helium-filled drop bars, toothbrushes with weight-reducing fractures or Ultralight sealing milk.

What else should we develop? Feel free to share your ideas with us in the comments and we’ll see what we and our globally working development teams can do.

Together, let’s make the BiketourGlobal Super Ultralight Bikepacking Shop the place to go for anyone looking for relevant, ultra-light and practical products to get even better.

Please note!

If you haven't noticed by now, this is of course all satire.
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