Bicycle blog tour in late summer 2021

Herzlich Willkommen zur Radblog Rundfahrt im (Spät)Sommer! // Welcome to the bicycle blog tour in (late) summer!

Welcome to the bicycle blog tour in (late) summer!

This time with lots of articles, podcasts and videos, e.g. about Bikepacking Deutschland Association, the Velominati rules, a tour from Hamburg to Munich and once across Iceland, an overview of fork bags and the true story behind the gravel bike hype.

And again: to prevent copyright problems, instead of the respective article pictures, there are photos from the last weeks from me.

Have fun!


Let’s go!


Velominati: The Rules (eng)

I already wrote about the legendary rules for proper cycling, graveling and bikepacking, but after this summer I have to point them out again. Because that’s not how you all ride around and don’t care about the rules. No bikepacking society will help – because rule #4 applies! Always! So please take a look at it before you “go racing” into the autumn. And be sure to follow rule #13 🙂

Click here for the Velominati rules >>>


Leona about the Bikepacking Deutschland Association (ger)

You have probably already heard: Bikepacking is now a club sport and with the Bikepacking Deutschland Association some bikepackers have joined forces to ensure insurance and legal protection for their bikepacking events (primarily for the organisers). This means that events like the GST or Albtraum Bikepacking will in future only be rideable for association members. In addition, the association is (presumably) also supposed to promote bikepacking in Germany and they are also planning/thinking about offering a kind of bikepacking licence for anyone interested. It is not yet clear exactly what goals are being pursued. Therefore, I recommend the Antritt podcast episode with Leona Kringe, 1st chairperson of the association.


Hike-a-Bike like a pro (eng)

I have had the pleasure of having to push or carry my bike several times in the last few weeks. Kurt Refsneider has taken on the topic and gives good tips on how best to hike-a-bike and what to look out for.

Click here for the article >>>

Fits well with the theme: Hike-a-Bike in the Harz Mountains


Bikepacking from Hamburg to Munich (ger)

Marius and Bastian went on a big tour: bikepacking through Germany from north to south. And they made a film about it, which I think is quite good. But it’s also advertising – but that doesn’t detract from the film.


Fork bags galore (eng)

If you’re into bikepacking, you’ll eventually come to the question of suitable bags for the fork. I use Ortlieb Fork Packs and am very impressed with these bags and especially with their easy attachment. (I’ll have to write something about that…). But of course there are many more possibilities. And the colleagues from have done the work and compiled a few.

Click here for the article >>>


Into the Bush (eng)

This is the story of Layton, who set off with his bike into the Australian bush, thinking that nobody would worry about him. But things turned out differently and became an adventure – for everyone involved…

Click here for the article >>> 


Once through Europe on rough roads (eng)

No, no, I’m not looking for new projects and tours yet 🙂 Not at all. But if I were, I would certainly be interested in a bikepacking tour through Europe. Wait a minute, there is something! That’s right, the European Divide Trail, scouted by Andy Cox. From Norway to Portugal, 7,500 km long.

You can find all the information here >>>


Water is coming! (ger)

You’re on a cycling or bikepacking tour in Germany and want to refill water easily and safely on the way (and not buy it)? Then take a look at Refill. It lists over 5,000 water stations in Germany where you can simply fill up your bottles with tap water – free of charge. Participating stations are marked with a corresponding sticker. A good thing that also helps to avoid waste. Perhaps Komoot will also include these stations as defaults in their maps?

Click here for an overview >>> 


With Paul through Germany (ger)

Paul Voss is an ex-professional road cyclist and is now switching to gravel pro. He recently took part in the Badlands Race and came in a great 8th place. In spring he rode through Germany and made a film about it. I think it’s quite good, also because it’s not perfect and in the end it also shows how he pays an apprenticeship fee.


Bikepacking tips for beginners (ger)

A major bicycle dealer asked a few bikepackers about their tips and experiences and turned them into an informational article for all those who are approaching the subject and want to embark on the adventure of bikepacking and bicycle travel themselves. Among others, I was also part of it and told a little bit about it. It’s advertising because it’ s a bike dealer, but you can see the bigger difference.

Click here for the article >>>


Heike in the podcast (ger)

Heike Pirngruber is certainly known to you as Pushbikegirl. She has been travelling the world by bike since 2013, has just completed a long hike with her dog and documents her experiences and travels, especially with wonderful pictures. In the podcast with Kai Behrmann, she talks about her path to cycling and her year-long journey. Very interesting.

Click here to listen to the podcast >>> 

Kegeti Mountain Pass in Kyrgyzstan


Wetterau Hoch 3 with Tom (ger)

Tom aka Bikingtom rode the Wetterau Hoch 3 in early summer. That’s 380km and over 5,000 metres of altitude. How he did it and what he experienced, he describes very nicely on his blog. Interesting for all those who are also thinking about doing this event.

Click here for the article >>> 


A Bavarian on the Grenzsteintrophy (ger)

Florian is an audible Bavarian (or Franconian) and rode the Grenzsteintrophy this year. He made a film about it, which I recommend to you:


Dance of the Gorilla (ger)

The ARD made a nice documentary about Andre Greipel, which retraces his career and also gives an insight into his private life. It is certainly worth seeing for cycling fans.

Click here for the film >>>


Adventure Survival (ger)

Four bikepackers go on tour and learn a lot about “Leave no Trace”, how to find the right place to sleep, how to light a campfire and that it is always about survival!

Click here for the article >>> 

Tobias and his tent in wild Kyrgyzstan


Gravelbikes – the true story behind the hype (eng)

You hate them, you love them. They are trendy and hip and yet the term has a negative connotation. But how did it happen that they are now so successful? Who caused all this and how does it go away? Will it go away again? All the answers to these questions here…


Vegan on the road (eng)

Some of you certainly eat a vegan diet and some of you might be thinking about doing the same. But how can you ensure that on tour and on the road, when often the access to the right food is not optimal (and even flexitarians like me sometimes have to eat incredible rubbish). Tips and tricks for vegan nutrition on the road are given by Josh and Sarah, who travel the world by bike and have gained a lot of experience.

Click here for the article >>> 


How Gunnar packs his bike (ger)

Bikepacking packing tips from the pros: Gunnar explains his set-up and what he packs where.


Why is pain also beautiful? (eng)

It’s called Type 2 Fun: that doesn’t actually mean fun, but agony and pain. And anyone who is a bit more sporty in cycling and likes to go (or has to go) to their limits knows this kind of fun. And also loves it somehow. But why is that?

Click here to find out >>>


Iceland Divide

This is also an idea I’ve had for a while: through Iceland, but offroad. In 2013 I already cycled on and around this island and would love to go there again. Just like Hannes and Sandra, who made a beautiful film about it.


Grey area night camp (ger)

This is the title of an article about bikepacking in the specialist magazine Gunnar gives plenty of tips on how to get started with bikepacking and, above all, what to look out for if you want to spend the night outdoors. Legally, some things are certainly a grey area, but if you stick to the “Leave no traces” rule and set a good example, you will make sure that maybe one day a change will take place here and more will be possible.

Click here for the article >>> 


With Allan in Kyrgyzstan (eng)

Allan Shaw rode the Silk Road Mountain Race with us and reports on the Brooks Blog about his experiences and what the country did to him.

Click here for the article >>>

Round the Harz Mountains


Deutschlandfunk with Martin (en)

Although I often can’t hear myself, I find the Deutschlandfunk programme “Zwischentöne” with me quite successful. I talk with Julius Stucke about my career as a bicycle traveller and bike packer, the Silk Road Mountain Race and what else moves me. And the song selection is also mine. If you like, you can listen to the episode from 8 August here.


So, the round trip is over.

Did you like it? Do you have any tips for interesting articles and blogs?

Then drop them in the comments field.


The next cycling blog tour will be in autumn!

Stay healthy!

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