Cycling Blog Round Trip Spring 2021

Herzlich Willkommen zur Radblog Rundfahrt im Frühling! // Welcome to the Spring Cycling Blog Tour!

Welcome to the Spring Cycling Round Trip!

Once again I present selected videos, texts, pictures and podcasts from the world of bike travel and bikepacking. This time with all the info on bikepacking bags, tips for the first overnighter and cycling shorts for women, the best bike chain and a border tour in Scotland.

And again: to prevent copyright problems, instead of the respective article pictures, I’ ve included photos taken in the last few weeks.

Have fun!

Let’s go!

Africa by bike (german)

Jason Kind is currently cycling in West Africa and has to wait in Côte d’Ivoire for his onward journey due to Corona. Andreas Oehler talked to Jason for Fahrradzukunft and wrote a nice article that makes you want to cycle in West Africa and shows how Jason has managed to cope with the waiting.

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All about bags for Bikepacking (german)

Torsten Frank is certainly known to you as a long-distance cyclist and bikepacker. And also for writing similarly long texts. But they are well worth reading, such as his detailed look at the various options for using bags when bikepacking.

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Training ride


The Profiteers of the Bicycle Boom (german)

You have surely noticed that bicycles are in great demand right now. Manager Magazin takes a look behind this boom and shows which companies are profiting from it (which is totally ok) and who the manufacturers are.

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Discovering boundaries (english)

Markus is having a very productive period at the moment and is making what I consider to be some good films about his home country Scotland. This time he explored the borders around Edinburgh together with Mark Beaumont – and of course documented it with wonderful pictures.

Shimano GRX – which one is right for you? (german)

I’ve ridden a few GRX shifting systems in the meantime and find them quite good. Many of the current gravel bikes are equipped with this shifting group and if you want to get an overview of the different types and know whether 400, 600 or 800 is the right one for you, I can recommend the article from Shimano Gravel. It’s marketing, of course, but it’s informative.

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Elsewhere in Meck-Pomm


Bikepacking principles (english)

Especially now that more and more people are discovering nature, it is important to remember the principles that we as cyclists and bikepackers should observe in our dealings with each other and with nature. The bikepacking community house post has therefore identified and discussed 9 principles.

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Cycling is for everyone (english)

Shimano has made a remarkable statement against body shaming and for cycling for all with their remarkable film “All Bodies on Bikes”. Great!

Bibs for women (german)

When it comes to the right bib shorts aka bibs for women, it’s not going to be easy. Because where men can do their little business more easily, it’s almost impossible for women. But there are solutions and Carolyn from has compiled them.

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Frosty Overnighter


Your first Overnighter (english)

For the experienced riders this is certainly not an issue, but many of us have a lot of respect for a night (alone) out in nature. And for those of you it might be worth taking a look at the article by Neils at, which gives tips on how to prepare for your first overnighter.

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With Karl through Kyrgyzstan (eng)

Hereby I would like to recommend Karl Kroll and his wonderful videos of his tours all over the world. Of course I found his video from Kyrgyzstan interesting. But also have a look at his YouTube channel. It’s worth it!


On new paths through America: Eastern Divide Trail (english)

It starts in Newfoundland and ends after more than 5,000 miles in Florida: the eastern counterpart to the Tour Divide or Great Divide Mountain Bike Route has just been presented. It sounds like a great bikepacking adventure and we can’t wait to hear the reports of the first riders. In July 2023, the tour will really get started.

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What is Bikepacking? (english)

This question is open to debate. Although it doesn’t really matter, because in the end it’s always what you make of it. And how differently our common passion is interpreted and lived can be seen here very nicely:


What is the best bicycle chain? (eng)

I broke another one the other day, and they often don’t last as long as I had hoped and expected. Cyclingtips has taken up the subject of bicycle chains and set out to find “the best” bicycle chain. You can read what they found here.

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Broken Chain


On old paths through Iceland (eng)

A crossing of Iceland is surely on the wish list of some of you. More than 60 years ago Ron, Dick, Bernard and Raymond managed the first unsupported crossing of Sprengisandur. In 2015, filmmaker George and frame builder Tom attempted to recreate this route. And have documented this undertaking on film…


So, the tour is over.
Did you enjoy it? Do you have any tips for interesting articles and blogs?
Then drop them in the comments field.

The next cycling blog tour will be in the summer!
Stay healthy!


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