Working with BiketourGlobal

This blog has been around for almost 20 years now. It is shaped by my passion and experience from more than 25 years of cycling trips. My blog is on the one hand my personal resource to record my travels and experiences. On the other hand it should inspire my readers to travel by bike and inspire them with a lot of information and background knowledge about planning, preparing, equipping and carrying out a bike trip.

That’s why I’m always happy to receive suggestions for topics, test requests or invitations to research trips and tours. However, my primary concern is always the relevance for my topics bicycle travel & bike packing, planning & equipment, bike & parts, especially with regard to the way I travel.

I am more likely to travel by tent than in hotels. I travel by bike and like to cover long and demanding distances. I’m more interested in the wild regions – whether near or far. I like the challenge – physically and in terms of equipment. I like to go to my limits and describe the way there. And I’m interested in bikes – especially touring bikes, trekking bikes, endurance MTBs and gravel bikes and all the bike parts that go with them.

Working with me means:

  • Access to an organically grown, very bicycle-savvy and -enthusiastic target group (DACH, 18-65 years, 65% male/35% female)
  • With more than 1 million unique visitors and over 2 million page impressions in 2022 (Jan-Dec), BiketourGlobal is one of the leading bike and bicycle travel blogs in Germany and one of the top 25 bike travel blogs worldwide (Adventure Junkies Ranking 2022).
  • Organically built and communicatively very active community of fans and followers on Instagram (12,200+), Facebook (4,200+) and Twitter (2,000+)
  • Creative, authentic and individual implementation of topics and tests
  • Creation of high-quality texts and images
  • Almost 20 years experience in PR&Social Communication for large companies in tourism, IT, digital lifestyle and consumer electronics; currently Head of PR&Social Communications Adobe Systems Central Europe

I’m open to:

Test reports: these are basically made, written and illustrated by me. I only write about topics and things that interest me personally. This also applies to sweepstakes: only if relevant, with clear added value for my readers and matching the blog. I am looking forward to concrete and suitable suggestions. Prices are available on request.

Research trips (blogger/press trips): I am working, which is why it is often not easy for me to accept invitations to cycle-related trips that require many days of holiday or that fall during the week.

Depending on the destination and orientation of the offer (see above), an inquiry is always worthwhile. Invitations to events (test rides, destination rides) planned over the weekend are better. Examples for successful research trips are the cooperation with Ecuador Travel & Gulliver Reisen and Visit Denmark. I am therefore looking forward to receiving appropriate invitations.

Presentations/Talks: I give presentations about my tours from time to time – mostly by invitation. There are currently three presentations:

  • Bikepacking Extrem: Atlas & Silk Road Mountain Race
  • “BiketourGlobal: 25 Years by Bike through the World”
  • “Patagonia – By bike on the Careterra Austral” and
  • “A Real Adventure – Tuscany Trail 2018.”

These usually last about 1.5 hours. I am always happy about invitations to give these presentations. However, due to my job, it is often not possible for me to give lectures during the week outside Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein. Please send me a mail with concrete information about place, time and budget.

Sponsoring: this blog is almost free of advertising. I don’t reject advertising per se. If you fit in with me, my blog and its topics, then let’s talk. There is always the possibility to make advertising smart and appealing and relevant.

And what else is there: if you think that a topic, an invitation or an offer could really interest me, just write me.

For all the cases mentioned above, please send me an email to

What I don’t do:

  • Publish texts and advertorials written by others
  • Place links of any kind against money – also no casino links
  • Set DoFollow links
  • Do not label advertising
  • Writing about things I don’t like or don’t care about
  • To renounce my opinion and attitude, transparency and authenticity

I am a member of the Wriders Club and I follow the Blogger Codex.